Helping Haitian Children with Food and Medical Care

We began partnering with a Haitian organization for two reasons that stood out to us that we did not see in other Christian organizations.  One, they teach the gospel to the kids that they are raising and two, besides helping their own children at their center they also help children in the surrounding area at their medical clinic.  Many families don’t have the physical means to pay for their kids care at the local hospital so the kids can come to our partners clinic for care.  We really like the time and attention to medical care that our partner gives as well.  I learned working with Ugandan partners for over 5 years that one can often bounce back if malnourished or if just a medical challenge, but when they have both, for many it means death.  Orphan Gospel helped with both food and providing much needed medical supplies.  Our partner is the second largest support to the main hospital in Port-au-Prince for young children and babies.  We recently bought food, diapers and feeding tubes.  We were going to purchase a lab machine for blood testing for their children so they no longer have to wait 3 to 4 days for lab results which can often be too late for a child.  But thankfully it was donated by the company, what a praise!  But, they needed the cartridges that are used for the blood results which cost $12 a blood test, but can save a little one.  We bought 100 cartridges and sample supplies for a total of $1,560.  It’s astounding so little can possibly save 100 children so their illness can be assessed right away and the correct treatment can be given immediately so they can survive.    Thank you to our donors!!