Orphan Gospel Brings Water to 700 People and More

These men in Lira, Uganda are celebrating fresh water being brought back to their community.  This borehole had not been working for quite some time as it needed repairs so have clean, fresh water for this community once again.  This meant having to walk to waterholes that are infested with parasites that they have to drink and use to water their ginger for the ginger project we have been doing for 94 families.  With the drought, there was little water as it was.  This means that their children won’t be drinking water that is diseased and can cause them to become sick, have diarrhea and become so dehydrated that it can kill them. To this village and community  it means “life”!  For only a few thousand dollars, we were able to fix this water borehole and you can see how much joy it brings these men to know their families will be will drink healthy water and that the water will help care for their ginger crops and other food they are growing so they can support their families.  To these men, it means dignity to provide for their families.  By helping them, we prevent their children from becoming orphans and with the horrible drought this will provide much relief.  Thank you to those who continue to give to Orphan Gospel so we can make a life changing impact on those across the globe.