Giving Hope to Syrian Children in Lebanon

We have all watched on the news for the last couple of years about so many people fleeing Syria to reach safety.  My heart was especially pulled watching families leave their home country in inflatable boats, many of them drowning along the way, many of them children.  Even though many have fled, most Syrians want to stay as close to their homeland with hopes of one day returning.  We chose Lebanon for many reasons. First, it is very close to where they are from and they want to go back home.  We also discovered that 50% of the people are children!!  Many are orphans, because they lost their parents to either ISIS or from the government killing their own people, and in some cases with chemical weapons. Watching what chemical weapons does to people in their final moments is horrifying, especially seeing a child suffer in such a cruel manner.  Families who have their own children have taken in orphans as temporary families for them.  Our partner feeds 3,000 families and we are assisting with this.  We asked them if there was a project built that they need and they said, “No, we have 600,000 people without food and water and this is our greatest priority.”  They have had to choose the neediest families which is not an easy task with so many people.  We have been able to help forty families with over 200 kids.  They also are educating 300 children with Christian curriculum and they spread the gospel with a mobile church truck doing church services for people throughout the camp. Our partner is based out of North Carolina and travel there regularly going back and forth to raise funding for these people.  We are thrilled to help and praying they will have an opportunity to someday go home and rebuild. We LOVE this ministry!