Children Focusing on School Because of Child Sponsors Helping in the Drought


Many countries have been suffering from a terrible drought across Africa and one of the hardest hit countries is Uganda.  I remember a year ago when we helped plant food and the drought was so bad that people would open their harvested beans only to find there were none inside.  Can you imagine that after 9 months of planting and hard work, you still had no food?  People got so desperate we heard someone even sold their hoe to buy their family food.

These children attend our partner’s school called Nissi Christian School which is in Lira, Uganda.  Before Orphan Gospel stepped in, these children were sponsored for their education, but their parents or caretaker were responsible for their food.  The only problem is because of the drought, they were sending their kids to school with no food.  A child might come home after school to discover there was no food either when they

NISSI 4 (1)

came home.  Orphan Gospel has been feeding these kids now for over 6 months and we are feeding them until December of 2017.  We will have to evaluate whether we can continue to help as we need more child sponsors to help us.  Recently our partner told us one of her students prayed thanking our sponsors who have given them not one, but two meals a day.  This way they can concentrate on their studies rather than thinking about how hungry they are.  Education to a Ugandan is more important than anything else.  Being educated is every Ugandan’s dream.  Here some of the kids are being fed a yummy meal!  Thank you sponsors, this would not be happening without you!!