Chickens for God’s Littlest Children from our Child Sponsors

When we have funding each month from our Child Sponsors, we really seek who needs our funding the most.  We spoke with our partner “God’s Littlest Children” in Haiti and most of their chickens were not laying eggs anymore, and so that is when they use the chickens for their meat.  Their greatest need was chickens at this time, and so we purchased 100 chickens.  They have 59 children presently that they feed and so the rotation of chickens is an ongoing reoccurring cost providing much needed protein for the children in their care.


Thank you child sponsors for continuing to provide needs as we speak with each partner.  This provides a very basic, physical need for their children.  Sometimes we buy formula for the babies, but this time meat and eggs were priority.  Thank you so much for your continued support.  After evaluating our partners and everyone receiving funding for either a garden in Uganda, to a sewing program in Lebanon, to these chickens in Haiti, we are now going to provide food and medical care next to Daya Girls Home in Nepal.  Keeping these girls off the street in a home also keeps them from forced labor or being trafficked.  Again, thank you sponsors!!