Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To care for orphan, refugee and displaced children along with their caregiver and share the gospel with them so they know they are loved by Jesus and become his disciple

Our Vision

For thousands of orphan, refugee and displaced children along with their caretaker to hear, see and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ and to share the good news with others

Our Values

Studying God’s word so we can know God’s truth, follow his ways and share that truth with those we are serving

To be loving to the orphan, caring for their physical needs, as we are a reflection of Christ

That every child, family or caregiver Orphan Gospel serves will hear the gospel

For each child Orphan Gospel serves to know they have a Father in Heaven that sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins

To help provide dignity to the caretaker or family of these children by providing them a means to supply their own food or start a business so they can become sustainable and in turn help others do the same in their community

To intercede on a mother’s behalf if she is sick in order to save her to prevent a child from becoming an orphan

That each partner Orphan Gospel works with shares God’s word with the child they are serving and has a standard of integrity that aligns with the Bible