Get Involved/Donate

You can get involved in many ways with Orphan Gospel.

31 days of Prayer: We want our ministry covered in prayer daily and we need prayer warriors so these children, Moms, and Caretakers are prayed for as well as our team and organizations serving the children we are assisting.

Fundraiser Event in May of 2017

We were blessed to have successful events in both 2015 and 2016 raising water for a community, providing 750 mosquito nets, purchasing over 150 bibles, providing a foundation and walls for a building that will one house children with malnutrition and getting numerous children sponsored that we can continue to feed.  Due to some health challenges and surgeries, I am praying someone will step up to help do a fundraiser for Orphan Gospel this year as I cannot physically lead it this year.  If you feel so moved to do so, please let me know.  We usually do  a fundraiser the 3rd Saturday of May, and I would hate to lose that momentum.  So we need your help!

Giving ideally is done with a cheerful heart and is necessary for us to  do God’s work in this case.  Whatever you choose to designate in your giving, we will ensure your donation goes specifically to that area. We have also been tremendously blessed by the growth we had from friends inviting friends into our ministry.  Word of mouth is so important so telling those you know about us is huge.

How Can I Volunteer?

Globally:  We chose these ministries because they fit into our values of helping orphan, refugee, displaced or foster children.  These ministries also share the gospel to the children they serve and have maintained financial integrity.

Uganda-We need more people to speak to their church pastor, their boss at their job, their bible study group, a group of friends, etc. so we can share our vision.  We are trying to fund projects that ministries cannot always do, because they are focused on caring for their children.  We presently have a new project we are working on.

Lebanon-This ministry is dear to my heart as many, widows, orphans, grandmas and babies trekked over the mountains from Syria fleeing for their life.  There are so many orphans they are putting them into already large existing families to be cared for so they will join a family unit.  There was one single mother caring for 9 of her own kids and 5 orphans.  The children that come here are being taught God’s word and the bible is intertwined into their curriculum at school that is provided.  They have vision trips on a regular basis.  We hope to do something soon with them.

Other Countries-I have received many requests from different ministries for help.  Some can’t feed their children they have, and others have a list of needs a page long that would bring more sustainability to the children longterm.  We want to help one project at a time based off what we have available in our funds.

Locally:  We chose these ministries because you are allowed to share the gospel and it is the mission of these ministries that the children they serve come to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  You can also volunteer at any of their events serving children.

*Camp Alandale-Be a camp counselor to a child in the foster care system.  They will hear about Jesus at this camp and what it is to have a personal relationship with him. They can be contacted at to find out what the training involves.

*Olive Crest-Bring dinner to a local Olive Crest group home or be a Volunteer Chaplain to one of their group homes.  You can also be a one on one mentor to a child.  They can be contacted at  You can also be a small group leader monthly for teens that need guidance from a loving Christian who can guide them.

*Safe Families-Attend an orientation to learn more about how to watch a families children for a few months until they can get back on their feet again.  This program was started to prevent children from ending up in foster care.  They can be contacted at