How Do I Sponsor?

Our child sponsorship is a collective monthly sponsorship.  Orphan Gospel partners with other ministries that struggle in taking care of their children with the most basic, physical needs.  These needs include food, water, medicine, clothing, health kits, mosquito nets, bibles, etc.  We are also helping Ministry Partners that have unsponsored children that have immediate needs until they have a sponsor.  One ministry may need meals or formula for their children and another may need medications, clothing, shoes or blankets. We have child sponsors that give anywhere from $25 to $500 monthly and we provide various amounts that fit best for how your heart feels led to give.  Our “donate” button will take you to our “Giving” page for you to select how you would like to sponsor.  Thank you!

Twins Apio Rachel and Acen Maureen restored after three months of care from Orphan Gospel

Donate Giving

Orphan Gospel is a California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation Tax ID #46-3838182.