Our First New Project: Agricultural Ginger Program for 94 Families

We are so excited to begin our first project under our new vision! We are now investing in projects that can be completed from start to finish.  We are going to be assisting our new partner in Uganda with Agricultural Toolsets, ginger plants and seedlings to 94 families so all families in one village get to be a part.  There are 188 families in this one village and all are receiving these.  We are funding 94 of them.  Under our old program we were able to provide 89 families toolsets and seedlings over a 3 year period whereas with our new partner we are helping 94 in 9 months. Getting these families started on food sustainability will hopefully prevent them from having children that are malnourished and need to come to the Therapeutic Feeding Center.   We are excited to be able to do things smarter and more efficiently!  We will be following these until completion.  There is a drought in Uganda so please   pray for rain as they are in great need.  See more pictures under our Projects page!

The Wolfe family was packing health kits this week for kids families!

We have been so blessed to have the Wolfe Family serving with Orphan Gospel to help ensure the families at the TFC and the Lira Hospital are receiving basic health kits.  The Wolfe family who is from Ohio has 9 children in their family and two sons from Uganda they consider to be family was well.  Together they packaged the items needed for the health kits.  In each health kit was a bar of adult and baby soap, 2 cloth diapers with plastic pants, toilet paper, an adult toothbrush and toothpaste for the caregiver, and a baby toothbrush and toothpaste.  They also packaged liquid pain reliever/fever reducer, diaper rash ointment, a mosquito net to prevent them from getting malaria and a world missionary press scripture booklet in their local Lango language.  Thank you Wolfe Family, we are so grateful for your heart for the children of Uganda!