In addition to our Community Child Sponsorship which focuses on providing immediate relief through food, water, medical care, clothing and mosquito nets, we also fund projects that will bring sustainability.  This is funded through our General Fund and our Fundraisers.  To qualify for a project to be funded, these things are required:

1)You must be a preapproved Partner of Orphan Gospel.

2)Your project must be submitted and approved by our Board when we send out an email that we have funding for a project available.

3)Our Partners must serve and help orphan children or children in need in some way.

4)Our Partners must teach the bible to the child and/or caregiver of child if that child is a baby and they must have someone on staff that is teaching God’s word to them.

5)Our Partner must maintain ongoing financial integrity.  Our projects are not to exceed $10,000, but most of our projects vary from $2,000 to $5,000.

6)Our Partner must be willing to provide pictures of the project, provide a story of how it has impacted a child if we request it, provide receipts if we ask and they must finish the project by the timeline agreed upon (Unless there are extenuating factors outside of the control of our Partner).

Projects Completed: These projects have been completed by the donors of Orphan Gospel.  Please look at our Project Wish List at the bottom of this page to see if there is any project you would like to build or support.
1) Water Boreholes-We have now built seven Water Boreholes providing clean, fresh water for up to 800-1,000 people for each borehole.  We have provided fresh, clean water free of parasites for almost 7,000 people!


2) Bibles-We have provided bibles to these various partners:

“Camp Alandale” has been given 470 bibles to cover all their campers

“Equipping with Truth Ministries” was given 202 bibles for their graduating bible study class in Lira, Uganda.  They have been provided 364 bibles for their children at Nissi Christian School and in the community receiving a total of 566 bibles.

CRM was provided 163 bibles to mothers of babies fed at The Therapeutic Feeding Center in Lira, Uganda

Between our Partners, we have provided over 1,199 bibles.



3) Medical Care-We provide surgeries, and medical supplies that will bring continued life sustainability and medical and dental checkups for whole groups of children.

We provided 100 Cartridges for Blood Testing of 100 Babies in Haiti

We have provided over 10 surgeries for children such as eye and adenoid surgeries

We have provided 5 Community Programs in Uganda where children are measured for growth milestones and assessed and the Mothers were taught how to provide proper nutrition to their children.

We completely restored the Malnutrition Wards in Kampala, Uganda upgrading both the cosmetic aspects of the wards from windows to floors and also with a stove, medical machines such as oximeters, blood pressure machines, iv machines, and medicines to help severely malnourished children, and much more.

We provided Malaria treatment to the Otino Waa Medical Clinic due to an upsurge in malaria within their community

We are about to embark on our first Medical/Dental Clinic for a whole village in May of 2020 and we will be addressing any health concerns that come to light in the process.

4)Agricultural Programs-We have provided 89 Agricultural Toolset kits and seedlings to 89 individual families and we have provided a Ginger Program for 194 families in Lira, Uganda.  In total, we have funded a total of 283 Agricultural programs to give families a start to sustainability in their food as well as profiting from sales of the food they grow.

Preparing Ginger for Planting

Supplies for Maintaining Ginger

5)Microfinance Projects-We did our first project that will help women provide an income to help their children.  We provided 10 sewing machines and fabric for 10 women to Heart for Lebanon’s Hope Center in Lebanon.  They are in a training room where training is provided to new classes and then the women are allowed to use the machines when training is not occurring.  This helps women who are often widows to learn a skill that will bring income to provide food, water and clothing to their children.  They have been using their program as well to make masks for the people in the tented camps as a small profit.

If you see a project you would like to fund, please let us know and we will see the project through from start to finish.  Projects should be around $5,000 or less and no more than $10,000.  If you are an approved Partner and have an inquiry about a project you would like to add, please contact Joe Meade at joefmeade@ to evaluate if it fits within Orphan Gospel’s guidelines.

Projects Requested:

We will be adding any new requests by our Partners in the near future.  If you see a project you would like to fund, please contact Joe Meade at  If a partnership spot opens in the future, please submit your name at this number as well and you will be put on a waitlist.  Projects change so many lives and create a community mentality where all benefit!