Where Did My Child Sponsorship Funding Go?


Our Child Sponsors provide supplemental funding for a variety of organizations.  We ask each of our Partners every month what their greatest need is.  We also rotate our partners in order unless we feel that a partner needs to be made priority due to drought, national disaster, low funding from their own donors or a larger item needed that they don’t have funding for.  Below are our Partners who we presently support and some things that we did in the year 2020-2021 to help these kids thrive where they were lacking.

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Our Partners are spread out over the globe.  They were chosen because they teach God’s word to the children they serve.  They were also chosen, because they have great need and have continued to show integrity doing what they say they will do with our funding.

Our Partners are listed below along with ways we helped them in the year 2020-2021

Servlife/Nepal-We helped fund food and water for three months for Daya Girls Home and provided their medical budget for both years so the 29 girls received healthcare.  Our giving also helped match their new home construction in India.

Otino Waa-We funded a much needed surplus of food for storage due to the Covid Pandemic as they suffered lockdown for a year.  We funded mosquito nets for over 600 children in their program.  We funded their medical clinic regularly as their supplies became low.  We built a water borehole in an outer village reaching 1,000 people.  We are doing six medical outreaches in the outer village communities.  We provided food bags to the children in the outer villages since their local markets were closed due to the pandemic.  We are going to install much needed dental equipment for their medical clinic that serves the local community of Lira, Uganda.

Wolfes for the World-We completely renovated three children’s wards at the Malnutrition Unit in Kampala.  We are about to renovate a new ward.  We provided mosquito nets for all the beds for the children in all the wards.  We are about to build a chapel at the MNU for the hospital so people have a place to pray for their children.  We have provided much needed medicine and medical equipment that will better assist the children.

Camp Alandale/California-We provided Christian camps both for winter and summer for abused kids so they hear about having a personal relationship with Jesus in a safe environment where they can open up to and relate to other abused children.  Due to camp being closed due to the pandemic we were able to fund five camps recently.

Alegro/India-Last year we provided new clothing for 20 children for Christmas along with much needed food.  We are also supplementing additional ongoing food that is needed as the Pandemic has hit India in a devastating way.

Stadia/U.S-We provided funding to help Stadia plant, grow and nurture new churches throughout the United States so that people hear the good news of Jesus.  Over 1,300 churches have been started with this organization since 2003.

Outreach to the World/Kenya-We supplied funding to assist a team going to Kenya in September so they can assist the children in the community of Kimini, Kenya where they will be focusing on vulnerable children.

Orange County Rescue Mission-We have been assisting them with the children that live in Village of Hope helping children that were taken off the street and given a new chance at life why their parents go through treatment and vocational training and into a home of their own.

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