Where Did My Child Sponsorship Funding Go?


Our Child Sponsors provide supplemental funding for a variety of organizations.  We ask each of our Partners every month what their greatest need is.  We also rotate our partners in order unless we feel that a partner needs to be made priority due to drought, national disaster, low funding from their own donors or a larger item needed that they don’t have funding for.  Below are our Partners who we presently support and some things that we did in the year 2019 to help these kids thrive where they were lacking.

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Our Partners are spread out over the globe.  They were chosen because they teach God’s word to the children they serve.  They were also chosen, because they have great need and have continued to show integrity doing what they say they will do with our funding.

Our Partners are listed below along with ways we helped them in the year 2019:

-Servlife/Nepal-We helped fund food and water for four months and provided their medical budget so the 29 girls received healthcare.

-Equipping With Truth Ministries/Uganda-We fed 450 children breakfast and lunch this year at Nissi Christian School.  It is easier to feed them at school since they all gather here at one place.  It would be difficult trying to provide food to each one’s home so this is easy, convenient and the children can also concentrate on their school work.

-Heart for Lebanon/Lebanon-We fed orphan children who fled Syria many years ago when their was political unrest by their dictator along with Isis and they are at least safe in Lebanon now.  Although they live in tented communities, food packs are provided to them to help them thrive.  We fed over 100 families and we also provided Christian Curriculum so the children that come to the Hope Program for an education are also being taught about Jesus.

-God’s Littlest Angels/Haiti-We provided much needed food and formula when they were having a difficult time accessing food due to political unrest.  We also provided 100 chickens this year to the kids program so they will have eggs for protein and eventually chicken when they no longer produce eggs.

-Wolfes for the World/Uganda-We have provided food, formula, blankets, care for sick children, medicines, hygiene products and much more to help children at the Malnutrition Unit in Kampala.

-Camp Alandale/California-We provide Christian camps both for winter and summer for abused kids so they hear about having a personal relationship with Jesus in a safe environment where they can open up to and relate to other abused children.

-Alegro/India-Albert Das is not an official partner of ours, but we help when care is absolutley needed.  This year we provided new clothing for 20 children for Christmas.

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